Oklahome, Darci Lenker
Loose Leaf Paper Airplane
Loose Leaf Paper Airplane, Risa Ross
Guerrilla Art Park 2016
Guerrilla Art Park 2016, Oklahoma artists

2018: Guerrilla Art Park

06/09 - 09/03

Oklahoma Contemporary’s third edition of Guerrilla Art Park features six Oklahoma artists, ranging from emerging to well established. This year, most of the artists focused on fun and leisure. Darci Lenker “embroidered” a badminton net with Oklahoma landmarks, while Risa Ross created a giant paper airplane. Additional Awesome designed a series of sundials, whose shadows ripple and shift as the sun moves across the sky. Emma Difani created a space to rest and relax in a natural setting, in the middle of the city.

These artists were chosen from an open call, part of Oklahoma Contemporary’s mission to support local artists by offering exhibition opportunities. Read about Guerrilla Art Park 2016 and 2017.

The Showroom at Oklahoma Contemporary, four repurposed shipping containers temporarily housing exhibitions, events and an art library, serves as the first step toward Oklahoma Contemporary’s future location. Learn more about the 4.6-acre arts campus, opening fall 2019, here.