In One Ear ...
In One Ear ..., David Steele Overholt, 2016
In One Ear ...
In One Ear ..., David Steele Overholt, 2016

David Steele Overholt: In One Ear ...

03/17 - 09/02/16

The Showroom at Oklahoma Contemporary presents In One Ear …, a kaleidoscope of overlapping video clips in constant flux, ruled by a soundtrack broadcast on radio frequency 99.9 FM.

David Steele Overholt chose more than 200 mostly ’80’s and ’90’s video clips to conjure nostalgia among the generations raised in front of the TV, as images from Saved by the Bell, Full House, Seinfeld and more co-mingle on the screen. The stream of images and the radio playlist are presented in a completely random order, resulting in a constantly flickering series of discovery.

To create this installation, Overholt uses appropriated video and music in conjunction with custom software, which edits our visual and audible experiences with a randomized music playlist. Watch clips from the exhibition on YouTube or in the players below.

In One Ear ... is playing at the Showroom, 1146 N. Broadway, four repurposed shipping containers that form a home base as Oklahoma Contemporary plans an arts campus for the site. The space houses exhibitions, events and an art library.

During prime time (7-11 p.m.), the video is projected onto the gallery’s windows, presenting an alternative version of the family living room. Throughout the day, the same video and audio are visible inside the Showroom and, with the additional component of a webcam, viewers are able to temporarily insert themselves into the amalgamation of media. Showroom hours are listed below.

In One Ear ... is supported in part by an award from Mid-America Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts, Oklahoma Arts Council and foundations, corporations and individuals throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

A new media artist currently teaching Interactive Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute, Overholt uses found, purchased, gifted and stolen materials (both physical and virtual) to create installations, sculptures, videos and other engaging experiences. He received his bachelor of art in graphic design from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego and his master's degree from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Tisch School of the Arts. He has exhibited nationally and is primarily interested in the stretching of boundaries between art and technology. 

Curated by Romy Owens.

Showroom Hours:
11 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
11 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday


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