Yellow Screen
Yellow Screen, Rick and Tracey Bewley, 2014
Looking West: Oklahoma
Looking West: Oklahoma, Gary Batzloff, 2017
Summit Markers
Summit Markers, Liz Dueck, 2017
Steel Fields
Steel Fields, Kyle Golding, 2017

Oklahoma artists: Guerrilla Art Park 2017

06/14 - 09/04/17

Oklahoma Contemporary’s second edition of Guerrilla Art Park features six Oklahoma artists, ranging from emerging to well established. This year, many of the artists chose to focus on the outdoors as seen in Liz Dueck’s ceramic stones, Kyle Golding’s industrial wheat field, and Gary Batzloff’s abstracted Oklahoma landscape. Other artists found their inspiration elsewhere: Rick and Tracey Bewley’s fused glass installations explore transparency and color, and Desmond Mason continues his flag series with his first work in metal.