Old Joe
Old Joe, Jerri Modesto
Lone Rider
Lone Rider, Rebecca Evans

Rose State: Images of Community

05/03 - 05/13

Images of Community is a photography exhibition curated by art history students at Rose State College. Featured are students and professional artists striving to showcase the communities that they love and belong to. Through the diverse lenses of our photographers, the wide-ranging work presents different aspects of Oklahoma.

“Community” is a simple word that can have complex meanings: Communities are diverse; communities are personal. Community affiliations evolve: A person is born into some communites and chooses others at different stages in their life. Communities come in many sizes and forms, with various motives, traditions and cultures. Community can be represented by a location or even a special building. A community often enables people to put aside their differences and push towards a common goal or belief.

 In this exhibit, the photographers have captured what community looks like to them. While viewing the photographs, try to imagine you were in that moment. What do you enjoy about the photographs? Which communities speak the loudest to you? How would you feel if you were there? What do you think “community” means to the artist? What does community mean to you?